‘Crazy’ socks: Walgreens’ crazy socks will make you laugh and make you cry, says John Malone

John Malone’s socks are a classic, but they’re not going to get much attention this Christmas.The brand’s iconic socks were created in the 1930s by a Canadian man named Jack Riehl.They were made from wool and were one of the first to feature a woven pattern and the ability to stretch.But now, thanks to the

Wetherspoons ‘just want to sell their coffee’

Wethersfield in Essex, England, has been the centre of a bitter feud with a local firm that has become synonymous with a coffee shop.In July, WetherSpoons went on strike, accusing the cafe chain of misusing its trademark.The company’s owner, Richard Brown, claimed the Wether’s and Sons restaurant group had stolen his company’s trademark and demanded