Smartwool’s socks are now available for sale in Canada

Smartwools socks are becoming available for purchase in Canada, following their global launch earlier this year.

The socks, made by sock advent, are available in a range of colours, including grey, black, orange, brown and pink, as well as grey, white, brown, blue, green and purple.

They’re priced at $8.99, which is 50 per cent cheaper than the typical sock.

According to the company, the sock has the same quality and comfort as traditional sock-based shoes, which are available at local retailers in Canada and the United States.

Smartwools has previously launched its socks in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and Germany.

The company said it had been “delighted” with the response to the product launch, which has seen over 60 million socks sold.

SmartWool CEO and founder, Peter MacKenzie, said the company had been approached by a number of customers asking for a range in sock colours.

He said the idea of a range came from “a love of socks”, and was inspired by the desire to get people to “keep their feet warm and comfortable”.

“We have the same range of socks, so there’s no need to spend extra on extra socks,” he said.

“The best part is we’ve got everything you need in one box, so you can keep going wherever you are.”

He said Smartwoods sock range had been sold out in Canada for months, with customers wanting to try them at home or at work.

“They’ve had a great response from our global fans and we can’t wait to see what new customers have to say about these socks,” Mr MacKelly said.

The new socks will also be available to order through the sock manufacturer’s website in time for Christmas, he said, adding that Smartworsocks was also looking to expand into other markets.

“This is a really exciting time for the brand, and we look forward to growing our international reach over the coming months,” Mr McGlynn said.