Pink sock means a pair of socks with a pink stripe, which is the colour of a sock

The pink sock is the most common sock color, and it is very common in the UK.

The reason pink is so popular in the country is because the UK has a large population of pink socks, which are a staple of British life.

Pink is often used as an affectionate nickname for British children, and is used as a term of endearment.

However, in many countries, children are not allowed to wear pink socks.

Many countries have laws against the wearing of pink, such as Australia, New Zealand and Australia.

In Australia, children aged between six and 10 are banned from wearing pink socks to school.

In New Zealand, the pink colour is banned for children aged three and four, as are the colours of other animals, such a horses, cats and dogs.

In Australia, pink socks are banned, and the word “pink” is banned as a nickname.

In the UK, the phrase pink sock can also be used to refer to a pink sock with a different colour.

Pink socks can also refer to socks that have a pink lining.

In the US, a pink-and-blue-striped sock is often referred to as a “pinky sock”.

The word “blue” is often given to a pair or two of socks which have blue stripes on the outside.

A pair of blue socks can be used as one colour.

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