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On Tuesday, Congress passed the most sweeping defense spending bill in history, but many of the measures are unlikely to make their way through the Senate this year.

A number of measures aimed at bolstering the military and combating drug trafficking and terrorism were included in the $1.1 trillion defense spending package, which included more than $1 trillion in military spending.

Those include: A $2 billion increase in defense spending for the Army and Navy, which was included in a $2.4 trillion spending bill approved by Congress last week.

It was the largest increase in Army spending in more than 20 years.

Another $1 billion in funding for the Air Force, which has a huge military, was also included.

The Air Force will be getting $2,500 for every person who completes a 10-hour training course.

A $500,000 increase in funding will go toward providing more funding to train military families and those that need financial support.

Other major defense spending increases include: An increase in the military budget of $10.3 billion, or more than 30% of the total spending.

The $9.7 billion bill was approved by the Senate in February.

The Army will get $5.4 billion more for the 2018 fiscal year.

The Navy will get an additional $3.8 billion.

There will be an additional cost of $5 billion for training of Navy SEALs, which are the most elite U.S. special operations force.

The House passed a defense spending increase of $1,746 billion, which includes $1 million to be spent on the Air and Marine Corps.

The money will go towards funding the Coast Guard, which provides support for law enforcement, Coast Guard vessels, the Coast and Maritime Security Agency, the Maritime Emergency Response Command, the National Guard, and the Coast Protection Agency.

There were also $500 million for the Navy, $200 million for Marine Corps Special Operations Command, and $400 million for Joint Special Operations Task Force, according to The Hill.