Nike quarter socks: $2.99 per pair, with $2 off online for $9.99, Amazon for $99.99

Nike Quarter Socks have arrived.

They’re the answer to your shoe itch.

And they are pretty cool.

The shoes are available for $2, which is a good price for the quality, and they’re available for a discount on Amazon.

That’s right, Amazon will discount $100 off the price of the pair for Amazon Prime members.

There’s also a $100 gift card available on Amazon for the pair.

There is a $5 off code for your first pair if you’re a member of the retailer’s special offers program, and there’s also an $8 coupon for a pair.

That means the total price is $5.99 for $10.99.

The Nike Quarter socks have a lot going for them.

They come in a range of colors, sizes, and styles.

They are lightweight and comfortable.

They also feature a new patent-pending technology.

They weigh less than half an ounce each, which means they are less likely to slip off your feet.

And as you might imagine, they look pretty cool, too.

They have a rubber outsole that’s slightly more durable than your typical shoe, and the socks are heated and have a cool sock liner.

They feel more natural than other socks and have added a cool and retro feel.

The company has also updated the design to include a design called “Foldable” to help with arch support.

The new design uses the same cushioning material and technology found in the Nike Air Max, but the socks come in two different colorways.

The first is the traditional “Black” that is the most common.

This is the “cool” color, which comes in a white, black, or pink colorway.

This color is available at a price of $9 for $14.99 online.

The second color is the lighter “Cool Blue” that comes in red, orange, and yellow colors.

These socks have more of a retro feel than the previous colorway, but it is still an impressive color.

If you’re in the market for some Nike Quarter, you’ll have to wait for the actual release, but they’re expected to be available sometime in April.