How to dress like Santa, Santa Claus

This holiday season, some people are dressing up as Santa Claus, a man in a white suit and white shirt.

Others are dressing as Santa’s helpers, who are dressed in suits, ties and hats.

Here are some tips for dressing up and keeping Santa’s spirit at bay.

“Santa is the man who makes you happy, who makes everyone happy, so don’t be afraid to be yourself, because it’s his job,” said Jonathon Hahn, a 31-year-old Santa fan who works at an IT company.

“He loves you unconditionally, and that’s really the main thing.”

To keep Santa from hurting, people need to wear clothes that make him uncomfortable.

The best option is to wear suits that don’t cover much of your face.

If you don’t like the suit you are wearing, it’s better to just wear a jacket, pants or a t-shirt.

The best way to keep Santa off your back is to put on a hat or mask, but don’t wear one until the moment of Christmas.

You can also make your own mask with a small amount of glitter.

Santa wears a white coat with a white hat, and Santa’s helper hat is black and white.

“There are so many Santa costumes and people will tell you they are good or bad.

You just have to find the one that suits you best,” said Hahn.

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