The new Chick-fil-A restaurant in Wisconsin may be a hit but is it safe?

By now you probably know that Chick-Fil-A, a fast food chain that started out as a fast-food chain, has decided to move to the U.S.A., and in so doing, is changing its name to Chick-Frogs.

It has already opened locations in several states, and it is now slated to open its first U.K. restaurant, the restaurant has been named after a real duck.

It is not just about the new name, though.

It will be about what it means to be American, and what it really means to have a place where people can come and get a meal.

So, it’s about having an American restaurant that is welcoming to everyone, whether they’re vegan or not, as well as welcoming to the people who want to be.

There’s also a new restaurant in Mexico.

And the restaurant chain has also announced that it is expanding into Canada.

There are a lot of new restaurants that have opened in the U., but it’s clear that the fast food industry is still struggling.

The big question is whether they are able to keep up with the growing demand for healthier food.

It’s a big issue, and there’s a lot that we need to know.

And if they are, what can be done to help?

So we decided to ask people what the new Chick Frogs restaurant in North Dakota looked like, and how people have reacted to the new restaurant.

And what we learned was that people really enjoyed it.

I think the people we talked to really liked the restaurant, too, and they enjoyed coming to the restaurant.

They liked the food.

I’m sure that’s a good thing, because I don’t think people are used to seeing a lot more vegan food in a fast casual restaurant.

I mean, there’s so many other options out there.

But I think people have been pleasantly surprised at the reaction of the people that came to the place, and I think that’s really a positive thing.

There was a lot in that conversation that I think is a testament to how people feel about Chick Fogs. I don