Why the ‘zipper compression’ socks should be banned

If you’re thinking about adding to your wardrobe, the zip-up socks may be your best bet. 

But according to scientists, these compression socks can make you look less fashionable. 

In a study by scientists from the US, Italy, Germany and Sweden, researchers found that the zip compression socks that were popularized in the US can make people look like they’re wearing more than they are. 

The zip compression, a form of compression, was first introduced by the US military to combat the spread of disease.

It was developed as a result of a military testing process, and is now widely used by many sporting goods companies. 

“We were concerned about the effect on the wearer’s appearance,” says Dr. Stefanie Pinto, one of the authors of the study.

“We wanted to know if this compression might cause people to look less appealing.” 

The researchers collected photos of 30 pairs of men and women who wore the compression socks. 

They then asked them to pick out five pairs of their own, with each pair being chosen randomly. 

As expected, the researchers found people tended to pick a pair of compression socks with more fabric and more padding than the others. 

However, the people who picked the zip socks also tended to look like less attractive men and wore them more than their peers. 

While the researchers are not sure what this could mean, they are not too worried about how the compression might affect the wearer. 

Instead, they hope that the results will help scientists understand how compression works in humans. 

For starters, the compression may be related to the fact that the human body is a highly efficient means of packing and unpackaging clothes. 

Pinto suggests that the compression effect is likely to be related, in part, to how the human gut responds to the new fabric. 

Furthermore, she suggests that it may be because of the way the elastic in the socks is stretched. 

This means that the wearer may have to stretch out the material on their feet to be able to wear the compression. 

It’s also possible that the new material may make the compression more comfortable. 

But, the best way to prevent the new compression socks from making you look more like a slob, is to just keep wearing them. 

When you’re feeling particularly dapper, you may want to ditch your old zip socks and go for something a little more casual. 

And don’t forget to wear your compression socks under your shirt. 

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