When Amazon saves us $7,000 on socks

Amazon has saved customers around $7k on their socks in the past year, thanks to a new initiative it calls “Socks2.0.”

The program, announced last month, offers customers an additional $2 to $3 off the average Amazon purchase and lets them choose from up to three pairs of socks each.

It also allows customers to purchase socks for less than the cost of a single pair of socks.

The new program also lets customers get the $7.99 Amazon Prime gift card, which they can use to buy the socks they want for $2 less than what they would normally pay.

It’s an offer that’s been welcomed by the company’s online retail community.

Socks4sale.com, the official Amazon website for the program, is the same as its parent site for all Amazon stores.

The site is where the new program is available, and you can also find the socks for sale there.

Amazon says customers who participate in the program will also earn free shipping on their purchases.

Amazon says its socks2.5 program is part of a broader effort to simplify shopping for products, and the socks are part of that effort.

They are designed to be lightweight, comfortable and stylish, the company says.

They come in three different styles: casual, light and casual, and are made with wool, silk and polyester.

Sizes vary.

The socks are also available in sizes from S to M, and from XL to XXL.

The sizes are as follows:Medium: S to L (2.4mm)Small: M to L2XL: M2 to L3XL: L3 to XL (4.1mm)Large: XL to XXXL (5.1 mm)The socks can be ordered online or at participating stores and will ship in one week, Amazon says.