How to be a good feminist: Fox News host tells men to take the gloves off

Fox News commentator Lauren Duca, who has been a frequent guest on Fox News since 2009, is giving men a good lesson in how to dress to make women happy.

The topic came up on Fox & O’Reilly on Monday, where Duca spoke about how she has noticed that some men are taking the gloves OFF.

“It’s really funny, because men are really bad at dressing to be attractive,” she said.

“[I] don’t know if it’s about being able to fit into these tiny little spaces, or the fact that it makes you feel less desirable, or maybe the fact they don’t like to show their emotions or they don [just] don [don’t] care.”

“And women are really good at it,” Duca continued.

“Women, in my experience, dress very well, and they don’ see the body.”

“They don’ look at the body, they don[t] think about what it is,” she continued.

Duca then talked about how some men have been saying that women have no right to dress like that.

She said that some of them have been telling her that it is ok to be ugly and ugly women are a feminist statement.

“I don’t understand why it is OK to dress up like this and to put on makeup, or to wear a wig, or what it means,” Ducan said.

“It makes me really uncomfortable, because I am just trying to feel beautiful, and I want to feel good about myself.”

Fox &” O’Brien also had an interview with Duca that aired Monday, but her comments on the gloves are more pointed.

On Thursday, Fox &amps; O ‘Brien aired a segment called ‘Why Are Women so Good at Making Me Happy?’ in which they talked about why women are so good at dressing.

It was a segment that was meant to help viewers understand why women wear makeup.

Fox &amps;” O &amp.; O’Rell, however, brought up the issue of men dressing inappropriately in public.

In the segment, the hosts discussed a new study that showed that men dress inappropriately in almost every way.

Among the most common reasons men dress inappropriate in public, the study said, is when they are not in a comfortable space.

“When they are in a place where they feel uncomfortable, they put on a mask,” the hosts said.

“They put on something that is not comfortable.

When they are sitting in a crowded room, they wear masks, they use a fake name.

That is a real problem.”

Duca and O& Rell also took aim at Fox News, saying they are tired of “shouting at” the network.

“You guys are a fucking bully,” she told the hosts.

“You’re the worst.

You’re the most toxic, hateful people.”

Duca also took shots at Fox < O<O&”R &amp=&amp= on Tuesday, telling the hosts that she does not think the channel is a feminist channel.”

You have no moral compass.””

If you’re not a feminist, you are a sexist, you’re a racist, you don’ t care.

You have no moral compass.”

Ducea has been on the network since 2007.