What to expect in the new season: The best of the best, including new socks

It’s hard to imagine a season in which the Philadelphia Flyers won’t be wearing the same socks for the majority of the games.

The team’s newest, most versatile and most expensive pair of novelty socks were released on Thursday in a bid to make fans forget about the loss of the likes of Shayne Gostisbehere, Michael Raffl and Shayne Gosling and the uncertainty of a new coach.

But what’s the deal with the new socks?

What are they?

And how will they make fans smile?

Let’s dive into it.

Who are the novelty socks?

The new socks are the product of an effort by the Philadelphia Union and their partners at New Era to make the team’s jerseys more casual.

The team has worn these new socks in three games, winning both games 1-0.

The socks have a soft, smooth texture and are light in color.

The company, based in California, produces the socks for women’s apparel companies.

“The goal was to get people to look at their jerseys differently,” Union general manager Paul Mariner said.

“They are a way to change up their look.”

The company has been making socks for several years.

The first novelty sock was released in 2012, and the socks became the brand’s signature product.

The new novelty socks are made with a special blend of elastane, a synthetic material used in many sports, and natural fibers.

The material is soft and water-resistant.

They come in a variety of sizes.

The Philadelphia Union will wear these socks in all of their games this season.

“It’s about making sure you get it right, because it really is going to give you a different look,” Mariner told reporters Thursday.

“When we were first thinking about the socks, we thought we could change the look a little bit.

We thought, we could go for a softer feel, a little more natural look, and we could make it a little longer and have a little better traction,” Marini said.

The socks are available in two sizes, with men’s and women’s sizes.

Men’s socks will be $20, women’s socks $20.

Both the socks are designed to be worn with or without a shirt.

The jersey sleeve is optional.

The Sixers wore these socks at a game against the New York Red Bulls in the preseason.

The Red Bulls’ goalkeeper was a rookie on the team when the socks were introduced and has played in them ever since.

“That was a really fun experience for me,” Marino said.

“I’m really proud of that.

That was a fun experience.

It was a good learning experience for us.

They are very unique.

I’m really happy with the socks.”

There are many different ways to wear them.

If you’re wearing them with a shirt, the socks come down to the knee, but if you’re sporting a jersey, the pants come down over the ankles.

The sock is also comfortable when you’re standing up.

The first thing you notice is the ease of wearing them.

You can wear them in a jersey or a skirt and you can still keep them on with a jacket.

They’re not overly heavy and don’t feel bulky.

The only downside is that they’re not super comfortable.

Mariner pointed out that the socks don’t go down well when they’re worn with a hat or gloves.

“We tried to keep the socks soft, but not too soft,” he said.

He said that the company is still working on making the socks comfortable for players.

The new socks, however, will be sold in the team store, where they will be on sale from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and online from 11:30 a..m to 4 p.y.

They will be available at the team stores throughout the regular season.

There are also a few different ways the socks can be worn without a hat.

You could wear them on the side, or with a jersey.

You will want to make sure that you don’t overheat them.

Marino told reporters that he has a hat on at every game this season and the team wears a lot of hats.

The company also released a line of socks with “pantless” versions, but they are made to look like regular socks with some extra padding.

The Philadelphia Union’s new socks come in different colors.

The jerseys will be white, blue, red and green.

The pants will be dark grey, light grey, black and brown.

The Flyers will wear this pair of socks in their first games this year against the Chicago Blackhawks, Washington Capitals and Minnesota Wild.

They’ll wear them for their next game against Columbus on Oct. 31.

The rest of the team is getting new socks on Thursday, including forwards Mike Vecchione and Nick Cousins.

Both players will wear socks in the same way.

Vecchio is wearing a white pair, while Cousins is wearing his own black