Man who shaved himself for the first time in two years says it was for his own good

A man who shaved his head in two months for personal reasons has told how it was the “best decision of my life”.

Key points:Paul Gorman, who has been shaving his head for more than 20 years, has been having a go at shaving his own for the past yearPaul Golan has been at his local hair salon for about a year, and says he has a “love for it”Paul Golin, who shaved at home last year, has said he is “willing to shave again”Paul has said his mother, who died when he was 16, would have been “scrushed” by the experience”When he shaved himself he felt like a different person, he said.”

I’m a little bit of a whiner, a bit of someone who has a lot to hide,” he said, adding:”It’s just the best decision of the year.

“Paul, who said he had been shaving for about 20 years to “keep the streak going”, shaved in his hair salon at a local hair-care facility.”

It was a great experience,” he told News24.”

The head was just so soft and it made me feel like a new person.

“Paul Gordan said he has been going to his local salon for over a year to get his hair “straightened” and he “loved the experience”.”

It really was the best thing in the world,” he added.”

You feel completely different, you feel like you’re a different animal.

“Paul said the experience was the most memorable he had had in a long time, as he had not had to shave in years.”

This time it was perfect,” he concluded.”

People said they would be crushed by my hair.

“Paul is one of a number of men who have shaved for personal or personal reasons.