2-year-old baby in a bamboo sock dies after running into a fence

Two-year old Ani was in a small bamboo sock when she fell in the garden of her home in the city of Gungmu.

“The parents went outside and looked for help,” a local told the Xinhua news agency.

“But they couldn’t find the baby and she was dead,” she said.

“It’s a tragedy that a child has died while playing in a garden,” she added.

The toddler was not wearing a special safety harness, but was in her first month.

Ani’s father said he was not worried about his daughter’s safety.

“I know she has a lot of love and respect for the land,” he said.

A similar incident occurred in China in May 2016, when a girl was playing with a bamboo stroller when a tree branch fell on her.

The girl’s father told state media at the time that he did not think the accident was related to the stroller.

In 2016, a toddler was accidentally run over and killed in a playground in China.