Adidas socks mENS – Compression socks – Mens

The adidas MENS compression socks are designed for the men who have longs to shed their bulky outerwear, but are afraid of losing their style and feel.

The adidas mENS compression sock is made to fit snugly, yet maintain its fit with no stretch.

The mens version of the adidas Originals compression socks features a full-length design and is made for a snug fit.

It features a stretchy material that is made from microfibres of cotton and wool that are combined with a layer of compression material.

The design is so comfortable that you won’t feel the need to wear compression socks every day.

The new adidas compression socks for men are the perfect solution for those who want to give up their traditional outerwear for comfort.

The adizas mENS-Compression socks are the best fit for men who prefer to lose the bulky look of their current clothing and keep up their fashion style.

The MENS adidas men’s compression socks feature a stretch fabric that is designed to fit tight while maintaining a comfortable fit.

The mens compression socks also come in a variety of colors to match your body type.