Cats can be used as toilet paper by scientists

A scientist in India says cats can be turned into toilet paper.

Dr. Nivedita Kulkarni, who is studying the effects of the cat’s urine on water, says that it is possible to make water flow from cat urine.

“It is possible, and the reason is because cat urine contains carbon dioxide which acts as a catalyst,” she said.

“And it has an effect on water.”

The cat’s pee contains a chemical called uridine, which, when exposed to water, converts into a compound called uranine.

Uranine is an amino acid that makes up the body’s body water.

It is used by cells in the body to keep water and oxygen flowing, and it also helps to keep the body functioning.

“If the cat can be exposed to a constant stream of urine, it is a very effective agent,” said Dr Kulkardi.

She added that even when she was testing the effects on the body of cats in the laboratory, she found that the animals did not show any significant effect on their bodies.

“In this way, we can say that cat urine can help us get rid of water,” she told Al Jazeera.

Dr Kulkerni’s research is part of a larger effort by India to make it easier for people to wash their hands, something that is already happening in some other countries such as the UK.

“We have seen that the cats in Britain are washing their hands very, very quickly,” said Rajesh Kumar, director of the Indian Institute of Science.

“So we are trying to make the water easier to wash with a cat.”

Kumar said that, in a recent study, the cat urine was found to work well for washing hands.