Which is pink? | Target socks or pink?

Target sells its pink socks and other pink items in a few places.

The retailer sells the pink socks at the Target store in Seattle and the Target Canada store in Toronto.

They are also available at Target stores in Washington and Maryland.

Target also sells pink underwear at its stores in New York, Los Angeles and Orlando.

Target sells pink accessories at its retailers, including some branded with the words “PINK.”

The retailer says pink socks are the “best-selling item” and that customers are responding positively to the pink-and-orange designs.

Target says the designs were inspired by “all things pink,” including princesses and princess hats.

It says pink accessories are “a fun way to celebrate the best part of summer — the magic of being able to feel good without looking like you’ve just stepped off a pink elephant.”

Target says customers are “overwhelmingly positive” about pink socks.

The retail giant says it has created “over 1.6 million pink socks” and plans to make more.

The company says it sold 2.6 billion pink socks last year.

The number of pink socks sold in the U.S. is higher than in other countries, but Target says it believes the trend will continue in the coming years.

In an earlier report on the pink trend, the Washington Post found that about half of the shoppers who responded to the survey said they were buying pink-socks in a bid to celebrate summer.

That number was down from 70% in March and April.

The Post also reported that the pink footie pajamas and the pink beanie worn by many young women are also on the rise.

The survey of 1,600 U.N. employees, as well as some 400 women and men who answered online, found that while most women and older women said they are buying pink socks, “younger women and girls were more likely to say they’re not buying them.”