Trump socks: A history of sock politics

The history of socks is a fascinating tale.

Trump was famously a staunch supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union and an outspoken proponent of the civil rights movement.

The former president also wore socks with his signature red sneakers, as a way to show support for the LGBT community.

Then, in 1992, he took a step away from his footwear choices and started wearing socks with a green sock.

In an interview with Esquire in 2007, Trump said he “went green” because he wanted to “take the pressure off of my feet” and that he “wasn’t going to wear socks anymore.”

He continued: “I was wearing socks, you know, with a rubber sole, so I didn’t feel like I was wearing shoes.”

Now, it seems like a little more than a decade later, the president has adopted his green sock tradition.

And his wife, Melania, has gone a step further by wearing green socks as well.

While Melania Trump has not officially endorsed the Trump brand, she has reportedly worn the green socks during her husband’s administration, with her husband and first lady, Melania Trump.

According to The Washington Times, the couple have also worn green socks with their children during visits to the White House, in addition to wearing the socks during the annual March for Science, in 2017.

But while Melania Trump may have gone green in the past, she was not the only one to have taken the plunge.

When Trump first launched the footwear line in 2006, he was one of the first presidents to adopt the green-sock look.

A year later, in 2007 when he ran for president, he wore a red-and-white striped sock with the words, “We love green.”

And in 2009, Trump wore green socks for the first time.

Now the president is embracing the trend, as he has even started wearing the green boots that have become synonymous with his presidency.

Trump was also the first president to wear the green footwear during the inauguration ceremony in 2017, which featured a photo of him wearing a pair of shoes.

According the White Hall office of the First Lady, Melania had worn green shoes for her husband during her time as First Lady and was also photographed wearing them during the swearing-in ceremony in January 2017.