‘Woke up and I cried’: Crew socks made of a little girl’s face

The crew socks, made of baby hair, were created by a family of seven in Georgia to help children who suffer from a rare disorder known as cosmetophobia.

The family of five has a son, who suffers from the disorder.

“I had the dream to make socks for him,” Michelle and Robert Johnson told CNN.

“I had to make him something.

He has a lot of hair and I knew he had a lot, and I wanted to make it for him, too.

I just couldn’t stop.”

The family first learned about the disorder from a friend and they decided to make their own.

They created a simple design using a little boy’s face.

The pair had no idea what they were doing, but the baby had such a soft, bouncy face that it inspired them to keep working.

The Johnson children have made more than 30,000 of the socks over the past five years, according to ABC News.