The new 2018 adidas sneakers for women are hotter than the old

Get ready to heat up the heels with the hottest new adidas shoes for women in 2018. 

As expected, the new adizeroos for women featured a variety of new and classic silhouettes that were all super-hot. 

The new adisos for ladies are also packed with a lot of tech features, including a smartwatch, a new smartwatch skin, and an additional watch face, all of which you can see below. 

For the ladies, the most obvious difference is the addition of a new shoe that comes with a smart watch face. 

While you’re still limited to the same tech features as the previous adizeros, you get a new watch face with a sleek, premium design. 

It’s a smart face with an integrated notification, so you can take notes or just watch your watch when you’re not using it. 

You can also customize the watch face to match your skin tone. 

There’s also a new skin with a mesh material on the upper, which is similar to the one we see in the adidas Originals adizesthemes for men and women. 

If you prefer the mesh look, you can get a mesh version with a new material on top of the mesh, which means that the mesh will blend in more. 

Finally, there’s a new sock with a full-grain design, and that’s an addition you don’t see too often on adidas footwear. 

I was especially excited to see the new sock for women, which features a leather heel and a new leather midsole. 

Like the previous iteration of the shoe, the heel has a rubber toe that can be customized. 

But unlike the previous pair, this new sock comes with mesh technology that blends in with the leather mid, creating a very comfortable, smooth and lightweight shoe. 

Adidas also has two new sneakers, the adizeto sneakers for men, and the adiseto sneakers, for women.

The adizerto shoes for men come in three different styles, and feature a variety for men. 

First up, the men’s adizerettes feature a suede upper and mesh-like material on a midsole, which creates a comfortable, comfortable shoe.