When the new Huf socks are on sale, we’ll be in the dark

The Huf sock was born out of necessity, and its creators believe they’re going to change the world.

The company announced a partnership with Nike to bring the socks to the masses and in the process, create a new kind of footwear.

The shoes are the first of what they hope will be a new era of footwear for women.

But for the uninitiated, what’s a huf?

Basically, a sock.

While most men’s socks have a handle on the foot, the huf is a little smaller than a quarter.

This design has the sole of the shoe resting on the inside of the foot.

The huf has been around since the 19th century, but has become so ubiquitous that it’s been the subject of a movie, The Hush Huf, starring Jessica Chastain.

Nike is taking the huff out of the equation with a pair of shoes that make the sole a little wider and more flexible.

It’s a great way to increase traction for women, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still is a men’s sock.

To make the sock a little more versatile, Nike is introducing the Huf-T sock, which is a pair that are designed for men.

The Huff-T is a sock with a handle at the top and a heel at the bottom.

The heel is on the outside of the sock, with the handle at top level.

It features a more flexible sole that can bend and flex to fit the foot and help you run more efficiently.

While the huffed outsole on the shoe is wider, it doesn’s the other features that make it unique.

The top part of the heel is a flexible mesh that holds the handle in place.

When you flex the heel, it pushes the mesh down, allowing you to bend the handle and create the desired shape.

The mesh is made of a special polymer called polyester that is flexible and durable.

In addition, the heel also has a polyester padding layer that helps cushion the heel and provide extra support when the foot is turned.

When Nike introduced the Huff in 2015, the company didn’t have a name for the shoe, but a short ad from the company revealed the Huffs name in a tweet.

That same year, Nike released the Hush Boost and the Hure, both of which were also made with a mesh top that can be worn over a standard sock.

The Nike Huf is going to be the first to hit the market with a completely new type of sock, and Nike is looking to make the product as accessible as possible.

The first pair of Hufs that Nike will be making will be called the HUF-T.

The second pair of huffs will be the HURE.

Huf: a sock that allows you to flex the foot without changing the shape The Hure is a new shoe that is going on sale on March 23, 2017, and it will be made to fit both men and women.

It will be available in two colors, navy and white, and the color will also be available on the HURts website, where Nike is also making the shoes.

The shoe has a mesh sole that is made from polyester, which provides a great amount of traction, according to the company.

The sole of each pair will be different.

The white Hure will have a slightly wider toe, while the white Huf will have an extremely flexible sole.

The socks are made from a lightweight, stretchy material that is used to insulate the toe and give it extra support.

It also has rubber insole and mesh.

The rubber inlay on the heel keeps the shoe from flexing too much when you bend the heel.

The material also has great grip on the ankle and keeps it from moving while you run.

Nike hopes to be able to sell these socks for around $150 and will be charging a minimum retail price of $130 for a pair.

The third pair will come in two shades of white and a white shade.

Hure: a new design that will let you flex your heel Nike says the new hure will be designed for women and is more comfortable than its predecessors.

Nike says it will come with mesh soles that are slightly wider and slightly thinner than the Huffle soles, and will also come with a slightly larger, slightly longer toe.

The toes will be shorter and have a more flexable mesh.

Nike’s website says the hure can be customized to fit different foot sizes and shapes.

For women, the Huren boot has a slightly narrower toe, and this model will have its sole in the same spot as the Hues soles.

Nike also said the Huri Hure could be customized for different shoe sizes, and there are plans to launch a pair with both women and men in 2019.

This model will be out in March, and you’ll have to wait for the retail version.

The footwear is also designed to be easy to clean and wash. Nike