New ‘smart’ socks from the brand ‘Konami’

A new “smart” sock, designed by Japanese designer Kanako Saito, features a chip embedded in the inside of the sock’s lining that allows it to send a message to the wearer.

The sock is available at a new Japanese online retailer.

The ‘smart sock’ is an “advanced” sock made by Konami, an online retailer that has become popular for its high-tech products.

The company said that the ‘smart” tag on the sock is used to ensure that the sock will work in a way that is “smart enough” for a smart phone.

Saito said that this was not the first smart sock, as she had previously designed a similar sock called “Konomi” that was available only to customers in Japan.

The “Kanomi” sock was available for $5 on the Konami site.

Konamekashi (超級) is a name associated with Konami that has a Japanese meaning of “world” and is often used in Japanese to refer to the world outside Japan.

In Japan, Konami has developed a number of products, including the Konamekashis, which are smart socks, that are able to send messages to the user through a Bluetooth connection.