Cool socks for your pet

Socks are great for pet owners, but not everyone has access to them.

Here’s a look at some cool socks that have been made specifically for pets.


Cool socks made by the RTE network, with a twist A new RTE Cool socks project is launching this week with a simple, yet clever twist: they are made by an RTE team who have made their own socks for their pets.

“The RTE family have created a unique, handmade, and stylish collection of socks made in-house for the pet owner,” reads the project description.

The socks have a subtle but striking design, but the brand has done the work of selecting and developing a variety of animal-friendly materials, including recycled wool and polyester, so that the socks are more comfortable for your furry friend.

The brand also uses vegan-friendly wool for the upper layer, and has even included a vegan-approved tag to identify the socks as being vegan.

The project was launched in collaboration with the RTS, an RTS-run website that provides an in-depth look at the work being done in the pet industry, from its supply chain to production.

“This is an important step forward for the RTFS to become a global source of animal welfare-minded socks,” said RTS CEO Dr Michael Caulfield.

“We believe this is an opportunity to highlight the work that goes into creating the best socks for the animals we love and that we believe are in demand across the world.”


A new collaboration between the RTC and RTE: socks for dogs article A collaboration between RTC, RTE and the RTA is being announced.

“A global network of pet retailers is working together to provide the world with a range of innovative, wearable, and fun socks,” reads a press release from the RTT, the RTO and the TTS.

“For the first time, we are offering a range from RTS and RTA that are available to both genders and sizes, and to a range that is made with a variety on our own pet owners’ feet.”

The project is called The Vet-Stitch, and is launching on the TTT website on Thursday (February 20).

The RTC will be selling two styles of socks: one made from RTE’s 100% wool yarn and the other made from recycled wool.

The wool sock is available in three different styles, the first being a traditional-looking pattern that you can choose from: a flat and a half-length, and a short and half-long.

The second pattern is a longer-sleeved sock that features an elastic waistband.

The RTS also has a “cute” version of the socks available, which feature a tag that identifies the animal-owned pet owner.


A “sock for every cat” article A new “sporty sock” project is being launched on the RTTS website, with three different sizes of socks available.

Each sock is made of different material that is chosen by the designer.

“Each sock has its own unique style, so each person can have their own unique look,” reads an FAQ page on the project.

“If you are looking for a unique pair of socks for cats, try one of the three sizes that will make you stand out from the crowd!”

The socks are available in five styles, including a standard sock, a short-sleeve sock, an extended-sock and a “skeleton” sock, which features a fitted waistband and a removable tag.

They’re available from March 3.

The size range also includes an extra sock option, which can be added to any of the six socks.

“Our socks are made from 100% merino wool, which is one of our pet’s favourite fabrics,” reads RTS head of design Sam Hodge.

“In order to ensure the socks look their very best, each sock is hand-dyed with special dye and then washed and dried in the RtTS studio in the UK, so they are soft and durable, ready for their next adventure.”

The socks can be purchased for £29 (€36) or £39 (€52) on the website, or in the “sporting” sections.


The TTT sock project launches in the USA article The USA is launching a new series of “socks” designed for the US Army.

The USAAF uses the UST as its standard sock size and the socks will be available in a range ranging from 10 to 20 centimeters.

Each pair will be made with an elastic cuff and will come in three styles: standard, half-socks and a skeleton sock.

The sizing options are listed below, and are currently only available for USA-issued pairs: standard: 30 cm, 30 cm x 2, 40 cm, 40 x 2 and 30 cm (with extra inches) half-shoe size: 32 cm, 36 cm x 1, 36 x 1 and 30