When is a bobby sock a bad idea?

By Mark Richardson and Andrew WilliamsThe BBC’s Mark Richardson has the latest news on all the big things that happen on Christmas Day.

Read more from Mark here:Bobby socksBobby is a word used to describe a pair of socks made from a pair and/or series of small, white or red plastic bags, usually of a size small.

It is not uncommon for them to be worn by a young child as a child’s only pair of underwear.

A bobby is typically worn in pairs to mark the arrival of a new year, the end of a summer holiday, or as a special gift to someone special.

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What are bobby shoes?

Bobby shoes are an alternative form of Christmas shoe, similar to a pair or series of socks but made of the same material.

They are not as stylish as a pair but provide the same level of comfort and fit, and are generally considered more fashionable than traditional pairs.

Bobby sock patterns are very similar to socks in the sense that the front is usually a simple strip of white or black material, with the top of the foot and toes forming a rectangle, with one side of the fabric overlapping the other.

Bacon socksBacon is an American word meaning bacon, or the substance made from bacon.

Bacon socks are usually made from fabric of a different material than the original, usually made of cotton or silk.

These are not always made with a zipper, and may have buttons or other embellishments on the side of each foot, or may be sewn together with some of the wool on the outside.