Which sneakers have you bought this summer?

By now, we’ve all heard about Nike’s efforts to bring the sport of basketball to the masses.

Now it’s in the works for its own line of socks.

The company is already rolling out an “improved sock” in partnership with a range of brands including Nike, and is looking to raise $250 million in funding from investors including Sequoia Capital and Sequoias Venture Fund.

The “improver sock” will come in at least two different sizes, the “Sock Aid” in both men’s and women’s sizes, according to the company.

Nike is calling the “improvers” “sock aids” because the “sack” itself is an “aid,” and because the socks themselves are actually socks that have been shaped into a “S” shape, according the company’s marketing material.

“Socks help strengthen and enhance your foot,” Nike wrote in the marketing material for the socks.

“It’s important to know that your socks are made of real sock material, with no glue or other substances.

The sock will not wear off like a sock or fall off like an old pair of socks.”

According to the marketing materials, the socks will be available for men and women on June 14.

Nike’s goal with the sock aid is to get the product in people’s hands faster than they could have before.

“With the ‘improvers’ sock aid,” Nike said, “we can give our fans the comfort and confidence that they need to get out and play.”