How to make a fuzzy socks

The NHL has issued a pair of fuzzy socks to commemorate the opening of the Winter Classic.

The Winter Classic, which runs through March 8, is the league’s biggest and most anticipated event of the season.

The league and its partners, NHL Enterprises and the Philadelphia Flyers, are expected to unveil the first-ever full-length, full-color socks to go along with the NHL logo.

The socks, dubbed the Winter Cup, will feature the names of teams that will represent the teams that have played in the NHL Cup Playoffs, as well as a “Fuzzy” logo that will be attached to the inside of the sock.

The first pair of socks, the “Fairy Fuzzy Fins,” were worn by NHL players in the World Cup of Hockey.

The second pair, the Snow White Fuzzies, will be worn by Flyers players.

The Snow White and Snow White Blue socks were designed by the famed Disney artist John Kessel, and are made of a lightweight blend of wool and a nylon blend.

The first pair were released to fans last week, and will be available at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in Philadelphia on March 12.

The “Frozen Fuzzys” will be made by Nike, and the second pair will be released on March 14.

The Frozen Fuzzles will be limited to 10 pairs, and each pair will retail for $129.

The Philadelphia Flyers have yet to reveal the names for the new socks.