Hanes says no to ‘naked’ cat socks

Hanes is no longer a cat-loving brand.

The company, which has been a hot brand for years, said in a statement that it will no longer carry cat socks for men and women.

“Our decision is based on consumer needs and not a policy, as cat socks were deemed to be a barrier to proper body positioning, a feature that cat owners and cat owners’ groups have long argued,” the statement said.

Hanes said the decision will result in no change to its cat socks offerings, which include “tummy masks, gloves and other protective gear” for men, women and children.

The cat-specific socks were developed by the company’s scientists to help prevent cats from biting their owners, but critics have pointed out that some cat owners have been reported to be bitten by their pets while wearing the socks.

Hane, which is known for its leather shoes and leather bags, said the cat socks will not be available for men or women until April 15.

“We’ve been working with cat owners, and they have consistently expressed the need for a more natural, comfortable experience for cats, which we believe cats are capable of,” the company said.

The statement said Hanes has also received criticism from animal welfare groups for making the socks available in a time when there are no official bans on cat bites.

“Some animal rights groups are concerned that these socks are part of a strategy to silence cat owners by marketing them as products that are suitable for both men and men only,” the Hanes statement said, “which, of course, is untrue.”