How to Wear a Pants in the Hood: Why Your Knee Socks Are an Essential Essential for the Hood

A pair of knee socks can be an essential piece of the hoodie, or an essential part of your wardrobe if you’re a kiddo.

The answer is that they’re essential because they help your feet to breathe.

And with so many children needing to wear shoes, your socks will always be an integral part of that.

But if you prefer to wear your socks tucked in and don’t have to deal with the discomfort of being stuck on the ground, you might prefer to skip the socks altogether and instead wear the traditional moccasins.

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And if you wear them underneath the hood, you can also wear the socks under your hat.

And that is definitely the case for me.

My kiddos are all in their diapers.

So, if we’re going to put on socks, they’re the right choice.

If we’re not going to, I’ll be wearing a pair of socks tucked into my pants.